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Creator Economy Live Podcast

  • We’re celebrating 10 episodes with this bonus pod featuring Tony Colvin, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Albertsons as we explore where influencer belongs at big brands. We’ll also be touching on t ...
  • What are the implications of the new long-awaited FTC guidelines? And Hollywood is on strike! But what does this mean for the creator economy.  Plus Brendan and Keith are joined by Reza Izad. Reza is ...
  • Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz (who is currently trending on Twitter!) joins Brendan and Keith to talk Threads vs Twitter. Are we moving to a world where you have to pay for social?   🐄 Our C ...
  • Brendan and Keith chat to TikTok Creator Timm Chiusano.  Hear Timm’s creator journey – from nothing to a million followers on TikTok.  What makes him so successful? And why he thinks there has never b ...


Promoting DE&I in the Creator Economy as an Influencer Marketer in 2024




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