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09 Jan 2024

Episode 23: Own your audience

Get ready for a new year of Creator Economy Live! Our first guest for 2023 is Sean Kim, President and Chief Product Officer at Kajabi. From TikTok to Kajabi, Sean has been at the forefront of creator monetization. Tune in as they discuss the future of the creator middle class, the biggest opportunities for monetization, and how Kajabi is supporting creators. PLUS; the decline of ad revenue, the rise of direct fan monetization and big 2024 predications  

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

MrBeast + Chucky Appleby - teamed up with to launch ViewStats, a database of YouTube channel analytics. 

Jack Appleby – newsletter Future Social covers alot of intersection social media <> advertising. Has alot of unique and hot takes. 

Colin and Samir – Podcast creators who cover really relevant news on what is trending in the space.  

👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

Albertsons – launched "Survive in a Grocery Store" in partnership with MrBeast. The episode features a contestant who wins $10,000 for each day he lives inside a Safeway store, provided he also chooses $10,000 worth of products to give to a local charity. 

Kajabi – launched a whole host of new products including Kajabi payments and Creator Studio (launching next month!) an AI tool which helps creators build out their whole marketing funnel 

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