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Creator Economy Live Podcast

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The Creator Economy Live Podcast is essential listening for anyone looking to get the inside scoop on the latest social platforms, hear from creators who are launching their own brands and businesses, and get best practices from brands working with creators.

Whether you’re a creator yourself, a brand looking to work with creators or just someone interested in the business of social media, grab your headphones because this podcast is for you! 

Listen to the latest episodes now:

  • In this special holiday installment of Creator Economy Live we honor the 12 days of Christmas with the 12 stories of social: a look back at the top 12 storis that shaped the creator economy. Join Keit ...
  • In this episode, we’re joined by one of the most influential social media managers of the last decade, the brains behind Duo (aka the Duolingo owl) Zaria Parvez. We discuss Zaria’s journey with Duolin ...
  • In this episode, we’re joined by Creator Economy OG Jim Louderback – a pioneer in the world of online video today and former CEO of Vidcon.  We dive into Jim’s background and career to date, the rise ...
  • In this episode we’re joined by Natalie Marshall... better known as Corporate Natalie, the social media sensation who has amassed over 1million followers for her hilarious content that pokes fun at co ...

Hear from top industry voices

Presented by  Brendan Gahan and Keith Bendes and joined by huge voices in the creator economy including influencers like Corporate Natalie, Ryan Serhant, Maxine the Fluffy Corgi (and her owner, Brian Reisberg!) and influencer marketer voices from brands like Maybelline, Duolingo, Mattel, and more.

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The CEL podcast is sponsored by Linqia, the #1 influencer marketing partner for the world's leading brands. Having executed over 3,000 campaigns for more than 650 brands, Linqia combines technology powered by Google Vision AI with award-winning service to deliver measurable influencer results. Go to or send a note to to speak with an influencer expert.


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