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Creator Economy Live


The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing: Using Creator Content Beyond Social Channels with Tony Colvin, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Albertsons. How brands use creator content across other channels (e.g. email, website, PDPs). What was the impact on reach and engagement? What are the challenges and critical success factors (e.g. negotiating to use the content in perpetuity) and what does this mean for the future of influencer marketing?


In this Fireside Chat, we sit down with the World’s Most Influential CMO, Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk. With an extensive, impressive resume, she is a respected thought leader and subject matter expert, Dara is a sought-out speaker, lecturer, and advisor on marketing, innovation, and growth.


How did a traditional organization like Bayer become influencer marketing believers?  What metrics and analytics should you be highlighting?  How can you prove to your company that influencer is more than just a tactic? Find out with Denise Vitola, Bayer's VP of Brand Integration, PR, Social and Influencer.


From goal mapping and objective setting, to defining KPIs, and ultimately the million-dollar question: did my campaign actually work…Keith Bendes, VP of Linqia will share his top tips for tracking and measuring influencer marketing campaigns. and how to pivot when results aren’t what you expect.


Watch Denise Vitola, VP of Brand Integration PR, Social and Influencer, Bayer Consumer Health - the OG of influencer marketing as she calls bullsh*t that you can't measure or track influencer campaigns, her top tips on stakeholder buy-in for influencer marketing, the benefits of bringing influencers closer into your business and that VIRAL TikTok campaign on pharmaceuticals for the over 50s - yes you read that correctly.


Watch Dmitri Cherner, Head of Influencer Quince, as he discusses the disparity between creators and brands with the rising cost of content creation vs brand budget cuts, redundancies and the looming recession. Where influence should live within your organization (hint it should be separate from your social team ) and what the future of influence could like including management of growth, content and brand value. The often overlooked, yet instrumental use of Pinterest within your influencer strategy and the importance of establishing brand ambassadors.


Watch Blake Avila, Director of Partnerships from Slickdeals as he discusses how reality TV paved the rise of influencer marketing, the best partnership formula is to NOT have a formula, the struggles with the ever-changing TikTok algorithm, the problem with guideline violations and the disconnect between creators rates and brands budgets.


Watch Keith Bendes', Vice President of Brand Strategy at Linqia, interview as he discusses how the looming recession will impact influencer marketing, the pitfalls to avoid in your influencer marketing campaign, what he is looking forward to at Creator Economy Live and so much more...


Watch Jamiersen Green, Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing for Foot Locker Inc, as he discusses what influencer marketing is, how to find creators that are in align with your brand's ethos, and the importance of authenticity, networking and the need to ensure your brand, product or service MUST remain front of mind despite the looming recession.

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