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Amy Verhey Nnaji

Amy Verhey Nnaji

Director of Marketing Partnerships, Eat Just, Inc.

Amy Verhey Nnaji is the Director of Marketing Partnerships for plant-based eggs, JUST Egg at Eat Just, Inc., the innovative food technology company known for its bold, inclusive, and humorous campaigns featuring beloved musicians, athletes, actors, and creators. 


Verhey Nnaji values authenticity above all else in her work, building a team focused on creating original content with long term partners that is aligned with the brand. Whether she’s capturing vegan cookbook author, Korean Vegan and her love of food and storytelling, or providing a glimpse into what it’s like waking up as former tennis champion with Serena Williams, she executes campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, making plant-based lifestyles approachable with content that genuinely connects with consumers.


Prior to her role at Eat Just, Inc., Verhey Nnaji lead the Marketing Partnerships and PR for beloved cheese and ice cream brand, Tillamook in Portland, OR and prior to that supported the build out of Edelman PR’s first-ever Influencer Marketing specialty for global clients. In each of her roles, she’s found the value of influencers, creators and noteworthy spokespeople who can help to elevate a brand, building mass awareness. Focused on building influencer, creator and partnership strategies from the ground up for many household brands, Verhey Nnaji’s expertise exponentially grows business and results in a roster of powerful brand advocates. In 2021 she was named one of Business Insider’s Top Influencer Marketing Execs