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Create the Future

From finding the right tools, to developing a strategy and measuring your campaign ROI, consider this your ULTIMATE event on influencer marketing. 

When the pandemic struck the influencer marketing industry was uncertain about its effect on creators and brands. Two years in, the Creator Economy is stronger than ever. 

At Creator Economy Live, 100s brands will come together to learn what’s hot, what’s working, and how to deliver influencer ROI. 

You’ll attend cutting-edge, tactical sessions delivered by experts and you'll also get access to all the tools, tech and resources you need to guarantee your influencer
marketing campaign delivers ROI 
and best of all, it's totally free for brands to attend!

Some of our Expert Speakers...

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The Creator Economy Live Community

Brands attending

What our Attendees have to Say...

 Keith Bendes, Linqia

“I’m excited to have a major event dedicated to the creator economy and the major topics that brands care most about in planning, executing and proving the value of their influencer marketing efforts. I can’t wait to attend alongside all my brand partners.”

 Blake Avila, Slickdeals

“Something that I am excited for this event is just those connections… to have really transparent conversations on these partnerships, how are you measuring your success, what are the trends you are seeing, what creators are performing really well, what type of content, what CTA, what are the attribution methods that you're working with etc”

Emma Schulte, Harper Wilde

“It is so important to have Creative Economy Live as it's such a new area of marketing and we are all just trying to figure it out so mind sharing and hearing ideas and successes and also things that didn't work is very helpful especially with all of the different categories and verticals.”