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30 May 2024

Episode 33: A New Kenvue on Intergrated Media with Matt Fantazier

This week on the Creator Economy Live Podcast, we have an exciting episode featuring Brendan and Keith, with a special guest appearance by Matt Fantazier, who runs Integrated Media at Kenvue. For those unfamiliar, Kenvue is the new consumer business spun off from Johnson & Johnson, and it includes household brands like Neutrogena, Tylenol, and Listerine.

Matt shares his journey through the major transition from J&J to Kenvue, his experiences in integrated media, and the evolving role of creators in today's brand ecosystems. Discover how influencer marketing has shifted from mere explanations to becoming a crucial part of brand strategies.

Before we dive into our conversation with Matt, Brendan and Keith break down the top stories in the industry, including Meta’s NewFronts push, TikTok's premium ad options, and the significant rise in CTV advertising.

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