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11 Jul 2023

Episode 7: VidCon Takeaways and the Creator Journey with TikTok Creator @timmchiusano

Brendan and Keith chat to TikTok Creator Timm Chiusano.  Hear Timm’s creator journey – from nothing to a million followers on TikTok.  What makes him so successful? And why he thinks there has never been a better time to be a creator. 

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

Félix Lengyel aka xQc @xqcow1 


Baked by Melissa @bakedbymelissa 

👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

McDonald's (@mcdonalds) on TikTok 

barbie (@barbie) on TikTok 

World of Warcraft (@warcraft) on TikTok 

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