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13 Jun 2024

Episode 34: From Cars and Clothing to Consulting with Nathan Jun Poekert

This week on the Creator Economy Live Podcast, we have another special guest appearance alongside Brendan and Keith, Nathan Jun Poekert, CMO Advisor and Executive Consultant for his company JUN. For those unfamiliar, Nathan has an impressive background, having served as Head of Social Media, Content, and Digital for American Eagle, and as Global Communications Director for BMW.

Nathan shares his journey from agency roles to brand leadership and eventually consulting. He discusses his evolution in influencer marketing, his rise as a LinkedIn influencer, and offers insights on pushing social media teams to innovate and meet benchmarks.

As always, Brendan and Keith catch up on industry news. Topics include Instagram's shift in algorithm focus to post share rates, tips on posting longer Reels, and the latest features Instagram is testing. They also discuss the challenges new creators face on saturated platforms and the need for incentives to keep them engaged.

🐄 Creators of the Week (COW):

👏 Brand of the Week (BOW):

  • Hellmann’s: "Mayo Mani" campaign

  • Whoop

  • Jacquemus

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