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15 May 2024

Episode 32: The Unfiltered Beauty of Influence with Katie Welch

This week on the Creator Economy Live Podcast, we have a very special guest alongside Brendan and Keith, CMO of Rare Beauty, Katie Welch. She has been named Glossy’s Top Marketeer in 2022 and has been vital in the meteoric rise of Rare Beauty, the beauty products company founded by superstar musician and actress Selena Gomez.

Katie shares her journey from agency to brand side, looking into the comparisons between traditional and creator-founded brands and the challenges facing influencer marketing agencies. From discussions on the state of influencer marketing agencies to the complexities of the $21 billion influencer industry, this episode provides a comprehensive exploration of the current landscape and what lies ahead for creators, brands, agencies and marketers.

🐄 Creators of the Week (COW):

Dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah (@doctorly) —better known to his 18 million TikTok followers as “DermDoctor”—has released a research-backed skincare brand called Remedy.

Pedro the Racoon (@dailydancing_racoon)

 Claire Saffitz (@csaffiz) and Cedric & Edith (@thcedlife)

👏 Brand of the Week (BOW)

Seed Health (@seed)

In n Out (@innout)

Poppi (@drinkpoppi)

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