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19 Mar 2024

Episode 28: Marketing a Ghost Town

Join us in this week’s episode of Creator Economy Live as we uncover the story of Brent Underwood, the visionary breathing new life into Cerro Gordo, a ghost town with a haunting history of silver mining and wild western lore. With a combined following of 5 million, Brent's cinematic storytelling has captured the imagination of millions, leading to a book deal that promises to reveal even more about his quest at the edge of Death Valley.

We also break records with the Streamer Awards, dive deep into the rise of PRIME's success, and navigate the fine line between initial traction and lasting success. Plus, don't miss our insightful discussion with Brent about the origins of his YouTube channel, the art of storytelling that keeps viewers hooked, his approach to community building, and the monetization strategies that have made Ghost Town Living a phenomenon!

🐄 Creators of the Week (COW):

- @alexisanddean

- Brent’s book 'Ghost Town Living' and dailydancing_Racoon

- Heavy d sparks

👏 Brands of the Week (BOW):

- Reddit's groundbreaking deal

- Uncle Nearest Whiskey's success story

- The unconventional charm of Black Sheep (Frog balls)

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