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05 Mar 2024

Episode 27: Unraveling the Fabric of Influence

In this eye-opening episode of Creator Economy Live, we’re joined by special guest Shayna Macklin, Fractional CMO at Rainbow Shops. Shayna unveils the threads of her success in weaving a vibrant creator practice and a buzzing full-production studio. We're peeling back the layers of MrBeast's TIME cover fame, exploring OpenAI’s groundbreaking Sora, and dissecting Snapchat's fresh campaign stance. Plus, don't miss our candid chat on the shifting sands of influencer marketing as we step into 2024, where the blend of storytelling, brand integration, and community engagement promises to redefine influence. 

🐄 Creators of the Week (COW): 

Corporate Natalie - known for her insightful takes on the corporate grind. 

Humphrey Yang - the master explainer of complex economic concepts in digestible bits. 

Kristen Hollingshaus (@hauskris) - who shines with her unique blend of creativity and digital storytelling. 


👏 Brands of the Week (BOW):  

OpenAI - captures our imagination this week with its trailblazing technologies 

Ridge - receives a creative boost from Marques Brownlee who joins as Executive Board Member, Equity Investor, and Chief Creative Partner 

Celestial Seasonings - brings comfort and warmth to our cups, proving that brands can be both innovative and nurturing. 

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