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07 Nov 2023

Episode 19: So many buzz words, so little time

In this episode we’re joined by Natalie Marshall... better known as Corporate Natalie, the social media sensation who has amassed over 1million followers for her hilarious content that pokes fun at corporate life and ‘New Normal’ nuances. We discuss Natalies journey from Big 4 consultant to top tier creator, her best brand partnerships, how she curates for different platforms as well as her future aspirations. PLUS; Meta’s celebrity chatbots, X considers removing interaction counts and Instagram rethinks Reels bonus payments for creators  

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

  • Lydia Elise Millen – the British influencer came under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority for an undisclosed TikTok post about her stay at the Savoy Hotel. While Millen did have a commercial agreement with the brand they argued they had not commissioned any TikTok posts, thereby disassociating the video from any direct advertising for Fairmont or The Savoy. 

  • Chris Erwin – The 3 x founder latest venture provides strategy and financial advisory for media and commerce execs. His newsletter provides in-depth analysis of emerging industries and breaks down the details of deals in the space. 

👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

  • Cirque du Soleil – The brand launched its’ own influencer network which includes 1,500 artists who boast a combined total of 35million fans. 

  • Cinemark – The movie theatre chain partnered with ghost-hunters Sam & Colby for a feature where the duo documented their  stay at the infamous Old Arnold Estate, the inspiration behind the Conjuring films. The episode premiered in 168 theatres to sell out audiences – once again proving the power of creators to drive ticket sales in the movie industry. 

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