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01 Nov 2023

Episode 18: Be the Showrunner of Your Own Universe

In this episode we’re joined by Mark Book, Head of Content for North America from Digitas, to discuss how the definition and role of content has evolved in marketing, what makes a great content partnership as well as his career highlights. PLUS; we dive into a whirlwind of new social platform features, the booming TikTok Shop, the battle against social media misinformation, and TikTok's groundbreaking creator scoring system. 

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

  • Haley Kalil (@haleyybaylee) - scientist turned content creator graduated summa cum laude with a Bsc in medical biology and psychology, and a minor in chemistry has done amazing collabs with Ed Sheeran, Jaret Leto, Zach King and more.  

  • Dylan Huey - President of Reach/USC influencer organization. Has his own audience of 2million followers+. Done a great job of being out in the industry, giving back and educating others. 

  • Hallie Tutt –TikTok influencer who calls herself a ‘Universe Builder’ doing a lot of amazing visual things and creating experiences that will work well for brands and a great collaborator.  

👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

  • CB2 (Crate & Barrel) - Innovatively took social content and used it across other channels. They launched a social marketing campaign showing its new “Best of” collection on Instagram before it was then repurposed on display ads and CTV. 

  • MrBeast’s ‘Feastables’ will be the first creator product on NBA jersey after he signed a deal with the Charlotte Hornets 

  • Lipdub by the creators of Captions– can upload a video into 45 languages which not only translates but also autodubs the video. In addition to 45 languages you can also translate into Pirate, Gen Z and Baby Talk. 

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