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10 Oct 2023

Episode 16: Putting the Meat in the Social Sandwich

In this episode we’re joined by Meredith Almond, Social Media Lead for Jimmy John’s to discuss the evolution of social, her career highlights, as well as dive into the latest creator economy headlines. Tune in to hear how Meredith and her team create stand out social content that truly engages, the Jimmy John journey with Threads as well as the proudest posts of her career. PLUS; YouTubes new generative AI tools, is X moving to a subscription model and TikTok eyes more social networking features. 

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

  • Flavcity – Bobby Parrish started his own YouTube channel after being rejected from the food network. Now he has over 3million followers across platforms and both he and his wife quit their full-time jobs to devote their time to Flavcity and showing people that healthy food can taste great. 

  • Ms Rachel best known for creating the YouTube series Songs for Littles, a children's music series focused on language development for toddlers and infants. With over 4billion views since 2019 she is well on her way to becoming the next billion dollar creator brand. 

  • Remi Bader – Bader's TikTok career began in 2020 after she lost her job. POsting on TikTok helped her find her voice and regain her confidence. She’s now a prominent TikTok creator and Curve Model. 

👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

  • Target - Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Target is following in the footsteps of Amazon’s popular influencer storefronts to launch its own “Target Storefront,” allowing consumers to view—and directly purchase from—creators’ recommended products 

  • Forever: the farmers dog food – still in people’s minds as one of the most impactful and memorable superbowl ads almost a year since it aired 

  • Sweetgreen – launched a customer bowl with Gen Z queen Renee Rap and created a really well executed campaign around the collab which has a really authentic feel. 

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