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29 Aug 2023

Episode 12: Maxine the Corgi!

We’re joined by Webby award winner and social media’s fave fluffy creator Maxine the Corgi and Maxine’s owner Bryan Reisberg. Bryan’s a creator and entrepreneur. He founded Little Chonk, a pet brand currently offering dog backpacks with more products to come. We’ll be learning about Bryan’s journey - what its been like going from film maker, to 9-5er, to creator and entrepreneur.  As well as... the problem with creator brands, why beast burgers was a mistake, and how Maxine collab’d with Ed Sheeran.  Check out our Instagram page for a pic of a very young, fresh faced Keith meeting Ed! 

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 

  • Tara Stiles co-founder of Strala Yoga, a best-selling author, and a well-being expert.  

  • David Pinsof/ Substack - Everything Is Bullshit.  Founder of Cards against Humanity 

  • Call Her Daddy podcaster Alex Cooper for her Unwell launch 


👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

  • McDonalds’ latest campaign “As Featured In” Meals is their biggest Famous Order yet, celebrating the most memorable McDonald’s references across the world of entertainment 

  • Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez – a creator brand with a great message 

  • New Balance x FIGS collab  

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