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15 Aug 2023

BONUS EPISODE 10: Big Brands and Influencers

We’re celebrating 10 episodes with this bonus pod featuring Tony Colvin, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Albertsons as we explore where influencer belongs at big brands. We’ll also be touching on this week’s headlines – is TikTok’s new Creative Challenge good for brands? Is it good for creators? And TikTok is planning to launch an online retail store in the U.S. as soon as next month, putting it in direct competition with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shein, and Temu. Will this change the way US retail brands treat TikTok? 

🐄 Our Creators Of the Week (COW): 


John Green (famous author of Fault in our Stars, Hank Green’s Brother). Called on his social community to pressure Johnson & Johnson into making tuberculosis medication more accessible. Within 24 hours J&J gave in. Powerful! 


 Eugene Wei's latest article, "How to Blow Up a Timeline" does an incredible job highlighting Twitter’s allure, its struggles, and its current state under Elon Musk's ownership. 


👏 Our Brands Of the Week (BOW) 

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