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Hosted Brand Program


Free tickets and travel for brands!

Hundreds of brands will come together to learn how to scale your influencer campaigns to be always on with long-term partnerships, how to integrate AI into your influencer strategy while maintaining authenticity, how to deliver influencer ROI and so much more at... Creator Economy Live!

You’ll attend cutting-edge tactical sessions delivered by experts and you’ll also get access to all the tools, tech, resources, you need to guarantee your influencer marketing campaign delivers ROI.

If you’re with a brand, you may qualify for a complimentary VIP Creator Economy Live ticket plus up to $750 in hotel/travel reimbursement with our Hosted Brand Program. The travel/hotel reimbursement is based on receipts submitted following the event.

To qualify, you must be responsible for buying or evaluating influencer marketing technology, and take up to three 15-minute onsite meetings.

Enroll on time and you’ll get to pick the companies you want to meet from our participating sponsors. You’ll not need to miss any agenda sessions for these meetings. Your three (3) 15-minute meetings (total of up to only 45 minutes) will be held during dedicated hours at Creator Economy Live on January 16. Your final schedule will be sent to you the week before the event.

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